Iso Roobertinkatu 20 - 22

Helsinki based production company Komeetta was founded 2014 by three producers with varied production backgrounds. Komeetta is working on feature film projects with various genres with both upcoming and established talent. We also collaborate with visual artists by producing films to leading international contemporary museums and galleries.

8 minutes
Genre: short, period film, drama
Director: Lauri Randla
Screenwriter: Lauri Randla

Set in Soviet-Estonia year 1987, Johannes 7-years is once again running away from his grandparents to his mother with his Moskvitsh toy car. With him he has his imaginary friend Corocodile Gena. Johannes is ready to paddle 180km kilometers in order to get to his mother. Grandfather finds him paddling in his toy car on the road and brings Johannes back to the grandparents flat. Johannes has catched a cold on his trip and is lying on bed while he gets a call from mother. During the phone call they meet each other under blanket in a fantasy world.

16 minutes
Genre: short, art, drama
Director: Adel Abidin, Sam Shingler
Screenwriter: Niklas Lilja

In our pop culture world, obsessed with fame, youth, and wealth, the celebrity has emerged as our modern day messiah. One of the most universally celebrated icons of our time is Michael Jackson. In this film Michael resurrects from the dead as a prophetic figure who unveils the universal truths about the world we live in.

The resurrected "Michael" is speaking in a language made of his lyrics. This false god is propped on the ultimate pop culture altar: a television talk show set. Viewers from around the world call the mock show and bombard the star with their questions.

The existential topics revolve around the mysteries of death, the afterlife, and immortality. He sits waiting to enlighten and confess in front of the cameras and lights, enduring the pain of our insatiable curiosity.

Fucking Bunnies
16 minutes
Original Title: Saatanan kanit
Genre: short, black comedy
Director: Teemu Niukkanen
Screenwriter: Antti Toivonen

Fucking Bunnies is an everyday, allthough wondrous description of a middle class neighbourhood with it’s suspicious neighbours checking on each others doings and talking behind backs. It’s a story of Raimo a 49 year old man, who plays squash by himself and likes his life as it is, steady.

The status quo is shaken when a sex cult moves next door to Raimo. One problem for Raimo is is that these people, who go about their business in corpse face paints, are nice and polite. The rest of the suspicious neighbourhood and Raimo’s wife Kirsi are charmed by them. The other problem is that when Raimo is trying to find somebody to play squash with, the only volunteer is the cult leader Maki. In the end Raimo needs to decide can the corpse painted sex cult leader Maki be his true friend.

Maria’s Children
Original Title: Marian lapset
Genre: period film, suspense, drama
Director: Zaida Bergroth
Screenwriter: Anna Viitala

Young orphan girl Salome lives within a sect lead by the charismatic and ruthless Maria Åkerblom. During a pivotal summer, Salome is faced with standing up against Maria, the woman that saved her.

The Mascots
Genre: suspense
Director: Jani Leinonen
Screenwriter: Jani Leinonen
How-Weirdland Is Everywhere
Original Title: Kuinka Kum-Maa on kaikkialla
Genre: children, drama
Director: Samuli Valkama
Screenwriter: Anna Viitala, Samuli Valkama

Book adaptation of How-Weirdland Is Everywhere, written by Marjatta Kurenniemi. Story in development.

Original Title: Kolmoset
Genre: comedy, drama
Director: Miia Tervo
Screenwriter: Sinna Virtanen

Triplets is a story of Milja, a teenage girl from Helsinki, who has two identical sisters and two fathers. Triplet girls, gay fathers and a mother who lives far away in Lapland.

Milja is the one who looks after and takes care of everyday routines. She is frustrated that none of the sisters have the same need as her to keep things in life order. When the only woman reletive in their lives dies, Milja starts to think about their biological mother who the sisters have never met. Milja begins obsessively investigate her mothers backgrounds. Could her mother have the answer, why Milja is like she se is?

The thought of meeting mother feels yet impossible to Milja. And the fact that mother lives a thousand kilometres away in Lapland doesn’t help. At the same time the fathers are struggling with midlife crisis and their marriage, the balance of the family is shaking. In the midst of distressing family life and teenage years struggles Milja succeeds in persuading the sisters to go and meet their mother up north.

During the trip the girls meet people with different backgrounds. They realize how much they already have even without their mother. When they arrive they are greeted with everything else except a mother’s warm embrace. The mother is not very interested about the girls and doesn’t really want to be with them. Because of this the girls realize who they really are. They are certainly not like their mother.

Original Title: Paratiisi
Genre: thriller, drama
Director: Pete Riski
Screenwriter: Jari O. Rantala
Genre: short, drama
Director: Marjo Viitala
Screenwriter: Marjo Viitala